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Know Yourself!

Who are we? Where do we come from? What is our true potential?

The answers to these questions are found through Self Knowledge: the study of ourselves. In our classes, we teach simple techniques to know ourselves better and to discover the answers to the big questions for ourselves.

The Keys

The keys to self knowledge are found within us, in our own Consciousness, our own inner world.  We can develop and increase our level of consciousness by means of certain techniques, practiced in our daily life while going about our daily activities. As we practice these techniques, we can unlock individual qualities that are part of us, such as creativity, intelligence, intuition and perception. We can also discover within ourselves innate knowledge about the laws of nature, the principles of life, the nature of man and more.

We begin by learning to become more aware of ourselves, learning to live in the present moment, little by little.

A great Master said:

“Seek first for enlightenment and everything else will be given to you as well.”


Our own consciousness, or 'Essence' as we call it in this school, is unique and original. We start developing it by applying conscious attention while carrying out our everyday activities. As we apply this individual effort, this 'inner work', the natural senses and capacities of the Essence grow and develop harmoniously. The precise techniques of using the attention are taught in a step by step manner in our classes. Here are some terms that we will use:
Essence or Consciousness

We are born with our own individual consciousness. This is an aspect of our psychology that can be seen clearly in babies and young children. Our Essence or consciousness is endowed with the indispensable data for regeneration and inner self-realisation.


Another aspect of our psychology is the personality. This forms during the first 7 years and strengthens up to the age of 21, according to life’s experiences. It is a tool to express ourselves.


The ego manifests as the personality is formed. It functions as a response to stimulus from the outside world, e.g. a sudden impatient or intolerant reaction. We have many such reactions, each with their own distinct flavour.

Our Charitable Objective

The Hermes Trismegistus School of Self Knowledge is established to promote, advance and teach the study of philosophical ideas and their practical application in daily life, drawing on the ancient spiritual traditions found throughout man’s history.

The charity operates in Ireland. It will endeavour to help any individual (18 years or over) in improving all aspects of their lives through the application of these philosophical ideas and practices.

We offer free weekly courses and classes. The information is presented in a modern format, designed to be accessible to today’s society. The goals of the charity are to educate and raise the moral, spiritual, physical and intellectual level of its participants and the community at large.

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