Know Yourself

Our classes are about self knowledge, which is the better understanding of who we are and the exploration of how we can improve our lives and develop our potential.

Why Hermes Trismegistus?

Hermes Trismegistus is a towering figure from ancient Greece and ancient Egypt who is associated with excellence in communication, wisdom and science. Our classes take their inspiration from the knowledge and texts of these ancient eras, presented in a modern way, and refer to the innate nature of Man. The ancient Greek temple in Delphi states: Nosce Te Ipsum, translated as “Man, Know Yourself and you will know the universe and its gods!” This signifies, in modern terms, that the degree to which a person knows themselves permits them to know the world around them.

In comparison to the Essence, or Consciousness, the personality is a reflection or ‘borrowed’, whereas the Essence is all ours, unique and original. This Essence can be developed by conscious efforts, as taught in our classes.

We are born with our own individual consciousness. This is an aspect of our psychology that can be seen clearly in babies and young children.


Another aspect of our psychology is the personality. This forms during the first 7 years and strengthens up to the age of 21, according to life’s experiences.


The ego manifests as the personality is formed. It functions as a response to stimulus from the outside world, e.g. a sudden impatient or intolerant reaction.

Our Charitable Objective

The Hermes Trismegistus School of Self Knowledge is established to promote, advance and teach the study of philosophical ideas and their practical application in daily life, drawing on the ancient spiritual traditions found throughout man’s history.

The charity will operate in Ireland. It will endeavour to help any individual (18 years or over) in improving all aspects of their lives through the application of these philosophical ideas and practices.

This will be achieved by offering free weekly courses and classes. The courses are presented in a modern format, designed to be accessible to today’s society. The goals of the charity are to educate and raise the moral, spiritual, physical and intellectual level of its participants and the community at large.

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