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New Introductory talk: Consciousness and The Astral Dimension

This talk took place on Monday 9th May. Subsequent classes will take place every Monday at 7.30 via Zoom.

About this event

We have the potential to experience the Astral Dimension in an active conscious manner instead of our usual nightly unconscious dream state.

Each night as we sleep our consciousness, or soul as it is otherwise known, departs the physical body and penetrates the Astral Dimension. We experience this world in the form of dreams in an unconscious state. Our dreams are the real living experiences of our consciousness in this dimension. However, if we develop our consciousness we can travel to the Astral Dimension and experience this world in its reality. Then we have an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about ourselves and how to further develop this immortal aspect our ourselves which we call consciousness.

How to Join

This talk has already taken place, but please email us on or call or text us on 089 4925431 if you are interested in joining.


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