Five Week Online Course

What is our potential? Can we increase our level of consciousness? Can we investigate the mysteries of Nature ? The answer is yes if we know how to do it.

In the external world, we are developing projects, skills, knowledge etc. all the time. But how do we develop ourselves? We have put together five short topics to get you started, if you are interested. 

How to do the course

1. Set aside one hour for each topic and work on one topic per week
2. Watch the video related to that week
3. Try the practices given as part of the homework for each week in a consistent manner
4. Email us at any time to let us know how you are getting on or if you have any questions at


Week 1: What are we?

Week 2: The Level of Being

Week 3: Transforming our Automatic Reactions

Week 4: Learning about our Inner States in relation to External Events

Week 5: The Three Minds and the Key Practice for the Work

What have you noticed when carrying out the exercises of self remembrance? Let us know how you got on and if you would like to receive further videos or even attend a live course. 

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Email us with all your feedback on how you found the exercises along with any questions to

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