Online Introductory Talk 25/01/2021

What is our potential? Can we increase our level of consciousness? Can we investigate the mysteries of Nature ? Find out at our online talks.

The next online Introductory Talk  for Dublin will take place on Monday 25th January @ 19:30.

We will follow the introductory talk with an online course of 10 weeks after which time further classes (either in person or online) can be offered for those interested in learning more. Topics covered during the course include:

  • Ego, Essence and Personality
  • Transforming Automatic Reactions
  • Astral Projection
  • Inner States and External Events
  • Self Remembrance

We will also introduce practices during the course on how to learn to live from moment to moment, as well as practices of relaxation and meditation.

If you would like to attend and receive a Zoom invite for the Dublin introductory talk, please register via Eventbrite here.

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